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Established in Spring 2021, Re-Wear It Wisconsin is a registered student organization at UW-Madison promoting conscious consumerism and sustainable fashion. We host fun and free clothing swaps, workshops, socials, and more for our members. We hope to be a part of the change in the fashion industry that prioritizes people and the planet over profits.


How our clothing swaps have positively impacted the environment!

Follow this link to donate to our organization so that we may continue making change!

Water saved: 2,048,559 gallons
(in reference to fast fashion's immense use of water to produce clothing)

Waste diverted: 1,352 pounds
(from landfills)

Money saved: $10,565
(on new clothing)



Yvett Sanchez
Emily Sitte
Julia Kunz
Ash Friedrichs

 Liv Meyers
Amanda Shalit
Pooja Patel
Victoria Nelson
Ashley-Grace Dureke



Ashley-Grace Dureke

Julia Kunz

Ash Friedrichs

Victoria Nelson

Jill Storms

Amelia Thiel

Finley Peterson

Gigi Diekelman

Melina Nguyen

Abby Twomey

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